The Medidata Enterprise Data Store

The Data Foundation of the Medidata Clinical Cloud™

The Medidata Enterprise Data Store (MEDS) is the repository for all your study data from both Medidata and non-Medidata sources.  It contains data from 6.9 million patients and healthy subjects from more than 23,000 studies run on the Medidata Clinical Cloud platform. MEDS enables fit-for-purpose data of all types—patient, clinical, and operational—to be aligned with master data. You can apply advanced analytics and machine learning and surface the outputs across all Medidata products and applications. MEDS makes it easy for you to find, access, interoperate and reuse data so you can work from a single source of truth that links all the data for you.

Not a Traditional Data Warehouse. MEDS isn’t simply a place where all data is stored or co-located. It’s the platform where data can be ingested, transformed, extracted, and accessed via a suite of robust tools and solutions. It easily scales to the size of your organization and requires minimal time and cost to implement and maintain. Unlike a traditional data warehouse, MEDS  creates a single source of truth for all clinical data captured or ingested into the Medidata  Clinical Cloud.

Single Source of Truth, Out-of-the-Box Availability


Ingest any data, from any source

MEDS can manage multiple data types and formats (EDC, third party, labs, imaging, and real world data, to name a few). Medidata-driven processing ensures that the data brought in (e.g., patient IDs, visits and procedures) can seamlessly integrate with data in MEDS, and align and synchronize downstream and across the entire platform.

Surface Insights Across Your Studies, Faster

With patient, clinical, and operational data from your studies unified and centralized in MEDS, you can analyze disparate trials together. You glean useful insights for less effort, time, and money.  MEDS Reporter presents the data in a user-friendly interface to help you better manage your portfolio and shorten time to market. It provides  a consolidated view of key data and metrics across studies, out of the box.

Access Your Data When and How You Need It

MEDS Extractor offers a one-stop shop to extract datasets in standardized formats for interim analysis or regulatory submissions. It supports various formats such as SAS, PDF, XLS, CSV, and more. Through  MEDS Extractor’s user-friendly, intuitive interface, you can run on-demand or scheduled extracts of platform data, greatly alleviating manual data reconciliation.

Flexibility to Work with Your Existing Systems

MEDS is equipped with simple, powerful, and secure APIs and web services to connect your data to your existing systems and non-Medidata applications.. This capability enables interoperability and distribution of  data inside and outside the Medidata Clinical Cloud platform.

Co-founder Glen de Vries gives a demo of the Medidata Clinical Cloud.