Medidata Remote Monitoring

Medidata Remote Monitoring In Clinical Trials

Powering the shift from on-site to off-site oversight

Often with limited or reduced access to clinical sites, Sponsors and CROs’ are faced with an urgent need to adapt their monitoring execution models, while ensuring patient safety and data quality. Medidata Remote Monitoring is a holistic solution to enable a hybrid on-site/off-site approach to study oversight, enabling the shift from 100% on-site monitoring to remote monitoring. 

Medidata Remote Monitoring encompassing three core activities, Centralized Statistical Monitoring, Central Data Monitoring, and Off-Site/Remote-Site Monitoring.

The Critical Need for Remote Monitoring Strategies

Learn more about Medidata's perspective on the optimal design of clinical data collection and review

Medidata Detect

Proactively monitor data to improve data quality and reduce trial risk

Centralized Statistical Monitoring and Central Data Monitoring are supported via Medidata Detect, which is driven by machine learning and automated algorithms to help unify and ingest study data, identify anomalies, and find risks in your study. Data flows in real time and can be refreshed on demand, supporting the dynamic requirements of safety and quality review.

Medidata Remote Source Review

Secure, remote monitoring of critical source documents helps keep your trials running smoothly.


Focus on what matters most

Rave TSDV is a configurable tool enabling design, configuration, and execution for a reduced, Targeted Source Data Verification (TSDV) strategy without sacrificing regulatory compliance or data quality.