Rave RCM

Medidata Rave Regulated Content Management (RCM)

Rave eTMF

Simplifies the filing and oversight of TMFs and ensures TMF completeness and compliance through artifact pre-population, role-based workflows, and intuitive reporting and dashboards.

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Rave Site Cloud: End of Study

The first end-to-end solution that seamlessly generates, distributes & manages study files at the end of a study. With Rave EOS, sites’ study files are accessible and downloadable by a secure and trusted unified platform, eliminating the need to create and distribute physical media and deal with manual acknowledgment forms.

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Rave Archive

A cloud-based digital preservation repository that maintains your organization’s information, keeping content accessible, searchable and usable regardless of where the content originated. Archive provides long-term content integrity and authenticity in a secure and compliant environment.

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