Rave Essentials for Custom Function Developers


This course introduces attendees to basic concepts of Rave data entry and study building. This provides the Rave foundation necessary to build custom functions.

This course must be taken if you plan to attend the Custom Function Programming Workshop and you have not completed the Rave Study Design and Build Essentials (SDBE) course.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Access Rave
  • Navigate to studies, sites and subjects
  • Enter data
  • Mark data with queries
  • Build electronic case report forms
  • Build edit checks and derivations
  • Apply custom functions

This course is taught on the latest released version of Rave.

Maximum number of attendees: 15*

*We recommend a maximum of 10 students to allow the trainer to give time to each student individually.
We can allow a maximum of 15 students, however, this is not recommended as the trainer will not have time to be able to concentrate on each individual student.

Course Type

Instructor-led Classroom, Instructor-led Web-based


C# Programmers, Custom Function Developers

Max Attendees



Remote offering is 2 consecutive half day sessions or 1 full day session. Instructor Led Classroom style is 1 full day.


Chinese (Mandarin), English, Japanese, Korean


Rave EDC (Legacy)

Training Units

1 *For Remote training sessions, an additional service fee of $20 per student/per day for each day will be applied.


Please review the Medidata Academy Training Delivery Cancellation Policy prior to scheduling.

Course Outline - Rave Essentials for Custom Function Developers (2 half day sessions)

Course Outline - Rave Essentials for Custom Function Developers (Full Day)