Precision Medicine

New approaches for a new era: advancing precision medicine initiatives with digital platforms, integrated strategies, and a connected ecosystem

Medidata partnered with Newsweek Vantage to survey executives in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to learn more about their technology and data management capabilities and how collaborative strategies will help drive the widespread adoption of precision medicine initiatives.

Press Release:

From research to commercialization, bringing precision medicine tests and treatments to market will require profound changes to current clinical and business models

According to the report, 84% of senior life science executives agree that precision medicine represents a new era in drug development. For initiatives to be successful, four overarching issues were highlighted as key industry opportunities.

Case Study:

Using machine learning and omics data to identify and validate biomarkers in rare disease populations

For rare diseases with high unmet need, like Castleman disease, identifying biomarkers that stratify patient populations can improve
outcomes. Learn how the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN) designed the first study to accelerate diagnosis and leveraged
Medidata’s machine learning technology capabilities to identify differentiated patient responses.


Can AI accelerate precision medicine?

How can AI’s predictive power be optimized in a model system and implemented in the clinic to support, and not burden, the researcher or physician? Arnaub Chatterjee, SVP of Product and Ecosystem at Medidata AI, joins panelists at Harvard Medical School’s 2019 Precision Medicine conference to discuss the technology’s potential and current limitations.

Blog Post:

How patient-centric technology and collaboration have enabled industry innovation in the last decade.

Q&A Brief:

Medidata AI President, Sastry Chilukuri, talks about precision medicine’s potential and the kind of care that is designed for the digital age.


How AI, computer models and data sharing are fueling early precision medicine victories in oncology

Targeted therapies account for over 80 percent of the oncology market, and yet only a fraction of eligible patients are currently enrolled in trials. Learn how new statistical tools, like Medidata’s Synthetic Control Arm
(SCA), are accelerating targeted oncology drug development in this Newsweek article.