The Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud

The Operating System for Life Sciences™

The Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud, your platform of choice for clinical research.

The Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud™ is our cutting-edge platform that transforms the clinical trial experience for patients, sponsors, CROs, and research sites. Designed as a unified data platform, the Rave Clinical Cloud creates a single source of truth for all study-related data. Simply put, enter data once and let the platform master and populate it throughout the end-to-end suite of Rave applications.

Optimize operational execution, decrease the data entry and maintenance burden, and reduce the number of clinical systems across your study teams. Throw away your list of passwords and excel sheets, you are now on a truly unified platform.

Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud accelerates the business of clinical research with an end-to-end suite of Rave applications for Data Capture, Data Management, Trial Planning, Trial Management, and Analytics powered by a rich set of Platform Tools.

The Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud unifies Medidata’s end-to-end solutions that support the entire clinical trial process.  Whether you’re working in Study Conduct, Study Management or both, our platform is the most powerful and comprehensive one in the industry.

Co-founder Glen de Vries gives a tour of the Medidata ecosystem in this demo video

At Medidata, we’re leading the digital transformation of clinical science, so you can lead therapies to market faster, and smarter. Using AI and advanced analytics, our platform brings data managers, clinical operations, investigators, and patients together to accelerate the science and business of research.

Data Capture

Rave EDC

Capture, manage and report clinical and operational data in a single data source for more efficient trial execution.

Rave Patient Cloud

Encompasses a suite of Rave tools that will help you empower and engage patients in every stage of the clinical trial.

Rave eCOA

Experience the ease of a full-service electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment solution with one login, one app, one device, and one database.

Rave Imaging

Make imaging workflow more efficient and reliable.

Rave Wearable Sensors

Integrate real-time patient data from biosensors and wearables in a proven, regulatory-compliant way.

Rave Virtual Trials

Use an intuitive, web-based application that serves as the patient-facing interface for virtual trials and hybrid studies, reducing physical site visits.

Rave eConsent

Obtain regulatory-compliant, patient-friendly electronic informed consent for clinical trials.
Data Management


Improve data quality and reduce risk with a 100-percent configurable randomization and trial supply management solution, unified with Rave EDC.

Rave Safety Gateway

Automate data capture, tracking, and transmission to reduce errors, improve safety, and shorten time.

Rave Coder

Consolidate data, queries, and reconciliation, backed by a pioneering machine learning algorithm.
Trial Planning

Rave Design Optimizer

Optimize your protocol design to reduce inefficiencies and site and patient burden.

Rave Grants Manager

Ensure Fair Market Value (FMV) compliance with global cost benchmarks to establish effective site grant budgets.

Rave Study Feasibility

Accurately identify the highest performing sites for your study.


Help refocus CRA priorities to spend more time on high-value activities through targeted source data verification.
Trial Management

Rave Site Payments

Easily pay, reconcile, accrue, and forecast all of your sites accurately and on time.


Improve control of the quality process and lower monitoring costs through Risk-based Quality Management.


Efficiently plan, conduct, and monitor every aspect of your study.

Rave eTMF

Unify content, data, and workflow in a comprehensive electronic Trial Master File management system.

Rave Trial Assurance

Make sure your study is ready for regulatory submission.

Rave RCM

The first end-to-end regulated content management and data collaboration platform that actively maintains inspection readiness.

Rave Perform

Optimize your Rave EDC data to attain clinical trial operations insights.

MEDS Reporter

Report on multiple studies from a single source, enabling deeper insights.

Rave Synthetic Control Arm

Build synthetic control arms using Medidata’s vast pool of historical trial data.

Rave Omics

Upload genomic data and seamlessly link to your clinical data.
Platform Tools

Medidata Enterprise Data Store (MEDS)

Capitalize on the foundation and infrastructure for all data within the Rave Medidata Clinical Cloud.