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Virtualizing Clinical Trials: The Impact of Technology on the Patient Journey

Virtualizing clinical trials significantly changes the way studies are conducted – by providing an option to shift some aspects of participation outside of the trial site. Virtual Trials broaden access to participation by reducing the patient burden of travel to the trial site and allowing patients to participate remotely. This type of patient-centric design improves the clinical trial experience, therefore increasing participant retention rates and ultimately decreasing the number of sites, trial timelines, and costs.

With a global pandemic, the shift to adopting technologies that enable virtualization of clinical trials has rapidly increased. This on-demand webinar will discuss the patient’s journey and the impact of virtualizing technologies such as direct to patient trial supply management (IMP), eConsent, and other remote data capturing tools all integrated on a unified platform.

Featured Speakers

Aryana Hosseinkhani
Senior Manager, Product Marketing


Alicia Staley
Sr. Director, Patient Engagement


Kevin Collier
Vice-President, Product Management


Christi Wilkerson
Product Director, Virtual Trials | Patient Cloud