CAC Croit

CAC Croit is a CRO that provides one-stop support services at all stages from drug discovery and non-clinical studies to post-marketing activities, by leveraging the power of IT. CAC Croit was launched in April, 2016 after the merger of clinical trust Corporation Limited, of which core business lied in clinical trial monitoring, and CAC EXICARE Corporation, of which great strengths lied in pharmacovigilance, data management, and statistical analysis. CAC Croit does not limit itself to providing high-quality support services but it also desires to play a leading role in reforming the pharmaceutical/healthcare domain by utilizing IT in a bold yet safe and reliable manner.

The company desire is reflected on the corporate name as “Croit,” derived from “CRO” and “IT,” which means offering sophisticated services by integrating CRO services with excellent IT through “CRO × IT.”