Kapadi, the premier global oncology CRO, tailors solutions to advance your research, enhancing trial efficacy with expert teams, innovative technologies & strong site relationships. Our extensive site network offer access to diverse study populations. We offer expertise in all oncology areas, specializing in complex biologics & CTx modalities.

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Therapeutic Areas

  • Hematology
  • Immunology
  • Oncology
  • Rare Disease
  • Vaccines

The industry leading global oncology CRO supporting biotech partners to accelerate innovative research, by offering comprehensive and custom curated solutions to advance their immuno-oncology assets from concept to clinic. With decades of experience in planning, implementing, and evaluating complex oncology trials, our team of experts is highly skilled in both solid and liquid malignances including immuno-oncology and cell and gene therapies for both common and rare indications. At Kapadi, we understand engaging with patients is critical. With access to an extensive network of North American and European specialty oncology sites and leading oncology physicians, Kapadi is positioned to support success. Our footprint spans North America, Europe, and the APAC region supporting a globalized approach to every program. We can be wherever your study population requires. We have experience with regulators across the globe supporting both market approvals and post-marketing initiatives. Kapadi’s unmatched expertise helps you reach your research objectives efficiently and effectively – all backed by an analytical approach driven through real-time integrated data. Kapadi provides global full service and FSP expertise to support your program needs. Whatever your geography, if you need excellence in oncology research, Kapadi has you covered.


Partners are trained on the functionality of the Coder application, process optimization, and scope of Coder services. This Accreditation teaches Partners to integrate the medical coding solution with EDC studies and administer Coder segments. Coder Accreditation is dependent on the successful completion of the Rave EDC accreditation.
Partners are trained on the functionality of the electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical data management (CDM) system, process optimization exercises and scope of Medidata Rave services. This Accreditation teaches the staff to perform end user training, user and site administration, study build, reporting, outputs and amendment manager.