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Attract and win more sponsor bids
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As pressure grows to deliver drugs to market faster and at a lower cost, CROs are in a race to attract and win more sponsor bids. Gain the competitive edge that only Medidata can enable to position yourself to adapt, respond, and outperform in any trial environment.

Why 9 of the Top 10 CRO Partners Choose Medidata

At a time when investment resources are at risk post-COVID, CROs are tasked with accelerating development of treatments and devices, driving fast approvals, and generating data that will stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

With over 20 years of experience, Medidata offers the only battle tested, end-to-end life science technology platform. Work across vendors, leverage a unified solution with a single point of access, and centralized near-real-time reporting to attract and win more sponsor bids.

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One technology platform to power people, processes, and progress.

Medidata helps you adapt, simplify, scale, and accelerate your clinical trials, from protocol design to study startup, conduct, close-out, and commercialization.

Our platform is built to enable you with cloud-based, modular, integrable, easily configurable capabilities, all powered by the latest patient, clinical and operational data, and AI solutions.


Always maintain your competitive edge by doing more with the essence of your clinical trial – data.


Complement your trial datasets with our historical cross-industry data from 23K+ trials combined with real world data to address sponsors’ increasing requests to effectively leverage an expanding set of data to run faster, safer, and cheaper trials.

Construct a lean study design, optimize country and site selection, and forecast enrollment at site, country, and trial level while balancing speed, cost, and quality.

Use real-time data to better understand how your trials are performing and benchmark against similar industry trials and changing industry conditions, and leverage this to better diagnose and address issues.


In a pandemic-led world, make your study teams more agile by enhancing collaboration between team members inside and outside of your organization.


Equip your study teams with the technology to access their data, connect their workflows, and manage their trials– all in one place.

Operate with a clear view of all the cross-application data integrated with existing data systems to enable a continuous and navigable work experience.

Maintain full control and oversight of the data you need, when and where you need it, while ensuring that it is always accurate and up-to-date.

Resources for CRO Partners


CRO Challenges and Strategies: COVID-19 and Beyond

COVID-19 has challenged the pharma industry like never before. In response, CROs and technology providers have partnered to develop innovative solutions that have transformed the drug development industry. In this report, Medidata posed pressing questions to IDC analysts regarding key industry trends and challenges.


Patient Centricity and Virtualizing Technologies in a COVID-19 World

Life science companies often believe that sites and patients are not interested in using digital tools, but is this true? This industry-wide survey revealed that sites are receptive to virtualizing technologies that facilitate their work while enhancing the patient experience


How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Partnering with technology vendors that go beyond transactional relationships is imperative to deliver the pace and performance to compete and outperform the industry. Read this interactive eBook to learn more about our time-tested partner program, designed to optimize trial performance, win more bids, and stand out from the competition.