A Simple User Experience for a Randomized Double Blind Trial

Cancer Research UK

A Simple User Experience for a Randomized Double Blind

The Challenge:

Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research, discusses the benefits and their experience of using Rave RTSM for a random double-blinded trial. Their study was for patients with head and neck cancer and was comprised of two arms, the placebo and the active arm.  CRUK needed a solution to randomize their trial subjects and manage the drug supply.

The Results:

With this implementation being their first experience with Rave RTSM the CRUK team was impressed with the intuitive user interface and surprised how quickly they were trained and able to access the data. The integration between Rave EDC and Rave RTSM enabled the monitors to see multiple tasks in one place including detailed tracking and reporting capabilities.  And even when they were traveling and offsite, the monitors on the trial were able to download the data for quick access in places like a pharmacy. Sites expressed satisfaction with the simplicity and product familiarity when Rave RTSM was introduced which led to faster study-start up.