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Transcend Trials Assists Phase III Study Using Edge Site Payments

The Challenge

After frustration with outsourced payment providers, biopharmaceutical company Trevena was ready to bring their site payment processing in-house. Trevena then discovered Transcend Trials powered by Medidata Edge Site Payments. Trevena made the important decision to transition the ongoing site payment processing to Transcend Trials.

The Solution

Transcend Trials is a technology-enabled service company dedicated to streamlining and advancing the underserved administrative tasks facing sponsors and CROs – specifically investigator payments and site contracting. Edge Site Payments is a unified, cloud technology that processes site payments from start to finish, by automatically triggering, calculating and disbursing payments directly into a site’s bank account. To ensure a smooth transition to Edge Site Payments, Transcend Trials provided an organized project management approach to their services – including full transparency and thorough communication for the sponsor and to all sites -- beginning with a reconciliation of existing payments. The Edge Site Payments Professional Services team and Transcend worked diligently to understand payment triggers and set-up the new system, meeting condensed timelines so the sites would not have a blackout period receiving payment during the transition.

"Moving a study mid-stream is always a stress-test to your processes and systems. We were pleased with the results – and this collaboration with Medidata clearly demonstrated the synergy and value to the industry for new studies moving forward." - Kevin Williams, President, Transcend Trials

The Results

Trevena saw immediate benefits with visibility into real-time reporting and tracking across their sites. Having ready-access to payment details in the system allowed Transcend a chance to communicate and resolve any site payment issues with Trevena immediately. Transcend was also able to use the system data to develop custom reports to monitor pass-through charges, which was essential for Trevena and allowed efficient accrual management – critical to any mid-sized sponsor. With the power of the system and Transcend’s expertise, the entire study closeout reconciliation only required a few hours of their time. The decision to replace payment vendors mid-study presented a difficult decision for Trevena, however, Trevena found reassurance with the Transcend team. Having an experienced partner in Transcend Trials, combined with the inherent streamlined workflow of Edge Site Payments, Trevena saw a seamless transfer of knowledge and an efficient new payment process for this project and the future -- ultimately keeping their sites happy and patient enrollment healthy.

Kevin Williams
President, Transcend Trials
Edge Site Payments
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Medidata’s Professional Services team helped us meet aggressive timelines to ensure a timely transition to Edge Site Payments.