Realizing Customer Insights Through Analytics to Improve Rollout and Access to Neurological Treatment Case Study

A global specialty pharmaceutical company uses STRATA Data and LUMEN Insights solutions for market intelligence to increase adoption of its specialized neurological medication in North America.

Realizing Customer Insights Through Analytics to Improve Rollout and Access to Neurological Treatment

About the Customer 

Specialty pharmaceutical company committed to discovering solutions that enhance the lives of people with rare and severe neurological diseases.

The Challenge  

For specialty pharmaceutical companies, understanding patient needs and driving adoption of new and novel treatments can be uniquely challenging. To improve rollout of a medication for  treatment-resistant neurological conditions, a global specialty pharmaceutical company had to overcome a lack of understanding by health care providers, as well as by potential patients and caregivers who would receive the treatment. In addition, the biosciences company continues to work closely with insurance companies to ensure proper payment authorizations.

“A major challenge for us is collecting and organizing data from many sources,” says Director, Business Analytics & Sales Operations at the specialty biotech. “We need a way to reliably capture and securely manage physician, patient, insurance, and other data to empower our marketing and field teams to improve patient access worldwide to our neurological medication.”

To address the challenges, the company chose to implement STRATA and LUMEN from SHYFT, a Medidata company. The solutions enable the company to deploy a product launch strategy supported by agile data management, in-depth analytics, and resulting insights that help teams better educate physicians, patients, and caregivers while simultaneously boosting insurance authorizations—all of which drastically improve patient access to therapy.

The Solution 

With a focus on delivering tailored and focused insights across the company, the STRATA data solution forms the foundation of the company’s data insights environment, automating the ingestion, quality assurance, application of business rules, and syndication of data from more than 40 sources, such as customer relationship management software and other systems with information about prescribing activities, patient inquiries, insurance payments, product distribution, and other details. “Using this data gives us a more complete picture of physicians and patients and the best strategies to improve access to treatment,” says the Director, Business Analytics & Sales Operations.

“Using this data gives us a more complete picture of physicians and patients and the best strategies to improve access to treatment.”

STRATA anonymizes individual patient data through tokenization and supports compliance standards including HIPAA and GDPR, which is essential as the company introduces the treatment in Europe. In addition to STRATA, the biosciences company uses LUMEN as a central portal to analyze the vast pool of secure data in STRATA for actionable insights.

The combination of STRATA data management and LUMEN analytics provides the company’s marketing and field teams with the flexibility to gain deeper insights into data and understand activities impacting prescribing, authorizations, and patient use. “We need to ensure streamlined market access to our treatment and determine the most effective ways to reach patients and their caregivers with relevant, timely information about product safety, use, and benefits,” explains the Director, Business Analytics & Sales Operation.

For instance, using the SHYFT solutions, the company can search its large data repository to learn more about patients on any neurological medication, those who submitted insurance claims with specific diagnosis codes, and subsequent actions by insurers. Through the insights, the company can continually tailor its outreach and education strategies to reach patients, drive prescription growth, and increase payments.

“STRATA integrates information across sources and LUMEN empowers us to take action on it to support product sales across North America,” explains the Director, Business Analytics & Sales Operation. “We can see how factors such as prescriber networks and our marketing efforts influence prescribing, filling, and payments. SHYFT solutions bring together key systems and information to benefit our teams company-wide.”

The Results 

Before launching its neurological medication, one of the last things the specialty biosciences company wanted to worry about was completeness, accuracy, and security of its data pipeline. “With STRATA and LUMEN, we’ve already seen several benefits to the business as we look to expand access to treatment across regions,” says the Director, Business Analytics & Sales Operation. “The business potential is tremendous, with the market for the treatment expected to exceed more than $1 billion in peak year sales.”

“The business potential is tremendous, with the market for the treatment expected to exceed more than $1 billion in peak year sales.”

The company’s field sales teams rely on STRATA and LUMEN to achieve a deeper understanding of the healthcare providers and patients in their areas. With the analytics-driven insights, managers can hone in on the groups they need to focus on—and the best strategies to take—to improve access to medication.

Using STRATA and LUMEN together, the company’s teams can identify physicians actively prescribing the treatment or those with larger populations of patients who might benefit from the medication. They can also delve deeper into any possible reimbursement issues from insurers, as well as use anonymous patient data to better engage more directly with potential patients and their caregivers.

With improved access to and analysis of physician, insurer, and patient data, the company is removing barriers to entry by working more closely with groups to educate them about the value of the treatment and ways to access it. The deeper insights also translate into greater success at helping patients currently using the medication maintain adherence to their treatment to support better outcomes.

In addition, the insights help the company avoid investing time and resources on people unlikely to need its neurological product. Another advantage of adopting STRATA and LUMEN as its data analytics solution is time savings for in-house IT staff. Instead of having to troubleshoot issues such as vendor agreements and data exception management, Medidata automation allows staff to focus on higher-priority challenges.

“SHYFT—and now with its integration with Medidata—offers a powerful combination of proven solutions, industry experience, and an implementation methodology,” explains the Director, Business Analytics & Sales Operation. “Data is now captured and presented in a way that is actionable and delivers true value to our company, healthcare providers, and patients.”

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