EIU Perspectives: State of Patient Centricity 2020

EIU Perspectives

State of Patient Centricity 2020: Advancing from Patient-first Intentions to True Co-creation

This envelope-pushing Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, sponsored by Medidata, explores how achieving patient centricity in clinical trials needs to evolve beyond patient engagement initiatives to patient co-creation and how these mutually-beneficial partnerships will transform both the future of research and development and the healthcare industry at-large.

  • Chapter 1: The tribulations of clinical trials
  • Chapter 2: The essence of patient centricity and how it can help
  • Chapter 3: Progress on the road to true co-creation
  • Chapter 4: Patient-centricity starts with deep, collaborative relationships that involve the entire organisation
  • Chapter 5: Implement trials with patients, not just with them in mind
  • Chapter 6: Getting full value from the plethora of new IT tools will require the restructuring of trials around patients
  • Chapter 7: Run trials for the patient’s benefit as well as the sponsor’s
  • Conclusion: The patient is ready to see you now

The report draws on a series of interviews with leading experts from pharmaceutical companies, research organisations and patient advocacy groups along with comprehensive desk research. We would like to thank the following experts for their insights:

  • Jennifer Byrne: CEO, Javara
  • Luther Clark: deputy chief patient officer, Merck
  • Ken Getz: deputy director and research professor, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development
  • Jeff Kasher: president, Patient’s Can’t Wait
  • Emily Kramer-Golinkoff: cystic fibrosis patient and co-founder of Emily’s Entourage
  • Craig Lipset: founder of Clinical Innovation Partners and former head of clinical innovation, Pfizer
  • Jan Nissen: vice-president, US Regional Customer Operations, Vaccines, Merck
  • Jessica Scott: head of R&D Patient Engagement, Takeda
  • TJ Sharpe: patient advocate and metastatic melanoma survivor


State of Patient Centricity 2020: Advancing from Patient-first Intentions to True Co-creation