Our AI-powered Platform
Is Here to Accelerate
Your Next Breakthrough.

Drawing on an ever-growing database of 33,000+ clinical trials.

Our AI-powered Platform
Is Here to Accelerate
Your Next Breakthrough.

Medidata’s AI-powered Trial Design Mitigates Risks 
for Faster Breakthroughs.

Our AI-powered technology draws on the industry’s largest clinical trial database (33K+ trials and counting) to hone your decision-making:

  • Know more with scenario modeling based on your parameters
  • Find the right patients with sharper recruitment strategies that draw on our 10M+ global patient datasets
  • Close data gaps with relevant cross-trial datasets
  • Mitigate risk better to avoid delays

Medidata Has the First AI-powered Data Surveillance and Risk Management Solution in One.

Medidata Detect gives you the only AI-powered clinical trial platform that allows monitoring, risk management, and analysis of trial data in one place.

  • Data managers and clinical teams have access to the same data at the same time; the analysis tools reside with the data
  • Automation drives efficiency: A simple user interface, honed by
33K+ clinical trials, supports end-to-end, integrated workflows
  • Compliance with regulatory endpoints via AI-powered automation helps ensure you meet your goals

Medidata Delivers Mid-study Changes without Disruptions.

Adaptive clinical trials are a fact of life now. Nobody handles mid-study changes as seamlessly as Medidata.

  • Over 33,000+ mid-study changes a year
  • Changes in hours, not months with robust technology
  • No disruption to study, sites, or patients; no data is moved
  • Mid-study changes for the largest and most complex trials, including “rescues” where a competitor was unable to adapt

18 of the Top 25 Medical Device Companies Trust Medidata 
to Get to Market Faster.

From recruiting patients to clearing regulatory, we can help you get your medical device or diagnostic tool to market faster.

  • 18 of the top 25 MedTech companies use Medidata
  • The only end-to-end platform connecting data across the entire lifecycle of your device or diagnostic tool—no data silos
  • 800+ medical device trials completed, across 21,000+ sites, with over 600,000 patients and 45 billion data points

Medidata’s 25+ Years of Experience Is Trusted by Regulatory Bodies.

Different governing bodies have different guidelines. We help you better anticipate all the clinical trial data you’ll need for regulatory success.

  • We don’t just understand guidance, we help shape it. We advise regulatory bodies on decentralized trials and other innovative areas
  • We have a global presence in regulatory bodies, including FDA, MHRA, DKMA, UK HRA, UK NIHR, ACRO, and others

Medidata Delivers a Secure, Scalable Clinical Research Platform with the Interoperability You Need.

Whether you need us for end-to-end clinical research or just one portion of your journey, our cloud-based platform gives you the security, scalability, and flexibility you need.

  • Open APIs for seamless data sharing
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unmatched stability so every role on the team can access secure, up-to-date information when and where they need it

Our Experience, Your Advantage

Our 25+ years of worldwide collaboration with customers, patients, and partners lets us deliver unmatched results to help propel human health forward.


Clinical Trials

Thousands of studies in 140+ countries have been conducted on the Medidata platform.

10 Million+


Over 10 million patients across Medidata trials have impacted clinical research and touched countless lives.



Medidata studies, patients, and data are involved in nearly 40% of company-initiated trial starts globally.


FDA-approved novel drugs

Medidata was involved in 65% of 2023 FDA novel drug approvals and 60% since 2015*.

*Excludes vaccines and biologics

Accelerating Your Next Breakthrough

Medidata Platform

We Take on Trials No One Else Can

We’re the industry’s only unified platform dedicated to clinical research. Powered by AI insights and the industry’s largest historical patient-level clinical trial data set, we enable you to seamlessly connect with patients, sites, sponsors, and partners so you can reach critical milestones faster.

Sustainable Innovation

Our Continuous Innovation Is Your Competitive Edge

For over 25 years, Medidata has been at the forefront of digital transformation in the life sciences. Our solutions turn data into insights quickly, and on a global scale. That speed creates efficiencies and accelerates innovation, while at the same time reducing the burden on patients, trial sites, and our natural resources.

Patient Outcomes

Patient-centric Technology for a More Human Experience

We’re here to help you redefine what’s possible in human health. Our unmatched datasets, paired with advanced AI capabilities, help you find the right patients faster. The technology also enables more inclusivity in clinical trials, delivers safer and more effective trial experiences, and ultimately helps treatments get to the people who need them faster.

People & Partnerships

We’re Purpose-built to Help Clinical Trial Professionals Like You Succeed

We’re a life science organization built exclusively for clinical trial professionals. Founded by scientists and engineered for clinical research, we bring years of industry-leading expertise to study start-up, R&D, Professional Services, global regulatory guidance, and more. Our robust customer support helps accelerate your trial and transform your business. We are 2,100 customers strong, with 100 more joining us every quarter.

Our Professional Services Team Is Here for You

Our experts are best-in-class, with unparalleled industry expertise—and they’re ready to help you now. Whether you want assistance with one area (regulatory guidance, or a mid-study change), want a partner by your side end-to-end, or just want to start with a question, we’re happy to help.

1 Analysis of difference in median build time vs matched studies not using professional services (p<0.05)
2 Analysis of difference in median FPI to LPLV time for EDC + at least one additional product vs. EDC-only studies (p<0.05)
3 Analysis of difference in median LPLV to DBL time for EDC + at least one additional product vs EDC-only studies

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