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30,000 trials. 9 million participants.
20+ years of ground-breaking innovation.

Be at the forefront of clinical trial innovation

Reach critical milestones faster–and deliver patient, site, and sponsor results that move the needle forward for what’s possible in human health.

Explore how Medidata’s Innovations are Solving Customer Challenges

Decentralized patient centricity

Decentralized patient centricity

Connect every aspect of your clinical trial on one unified platform with the industry’s most comprehensive patient-and-site-facing solutions. 

Here’s how BIOTISSUE decentralized a trial during a critical moment.

Life-saving data within reach

Life-saving data within reach

Derive insights and get answers to study questions using AI analytics and data from the world’s largest patient-level historical clinical trial dataset to accelerate your path to submission. 

Here’s how MEDICENNA kept a potentially life-saving treatment in the game.

Putting an end to data silos

Putting an end to data silos

Streamline manual processes and transform disconnected systems to provide automated delivery of actionable insights and high-quality data, faster.

Here’s how next generation data management helped REZOLUTE accelerate completion of a complex trial.

2,300+ customers and partners. 1,500+ sponsors.

1.5 million users and the largest patient-level

historical clinical trial data set.

We take on trials no one else can

We’re the industry’s only unified platform dedicated to clinical research. Powered by AI insights and the industry’s largest historical patient-level clinical trial data set in the industry that seamlessly connects patients, sites, sponsors, and partners to reach critical milestones faster.

Our continuous innovation is your competitive edge

For nearly 25 years, Medidata has been at the forefront of life science’s digital transformation. Our solutions turn data into insights quickly—on a global scale—creating efficiencies and accelerating innovation while reducing burden on natural resources, trial sites, and participants.

Patient-centric technology, more human experiences

By redefining the capabilities of the entire life science industry, we’re helping our partners move the needle for what’s possible in human health. Our unmatched data–coupled with an unparalleled commitment to patient centricity–enhances trial inclusivity, delivers safer and more effective trial experiences, and helps treatments get to patients faster.

2,100 customers strong + 100 more every quarter

Founded by scientists and engineered for clinical research, we’re a life science organization built exclusively for clinical trial professionals—with a rapidly expanding CRO and sponsor partner base. We bring years of industry-leading expertise across Professional Services, FDA regulation, study start up, R&D, and more with unparalleled customer support to accelerate our customers’ trials and transform their businesses.

Learn How Medidata’s Professional Services Provide Unparalleled Industry Expertise

Our best in class Professional Services team supports your entire clinical trial process with unparalleled industry expertise and award winning customer service.

Experience the difference Medidata support can have on your trial.

1 Analysis of difference in median build time vs matched studies not using professional services (p<0.05)
2 Analysis of difference in median FPI to LPLV time for EDC + at least one additional product vs. EDC only studies (p<0.05)
3 Analysis of difference in median LPLV to DBL time for EDC + at least one additional product vs EDC only studies