Innovations in Clinical Trial Imaging in 2020 and Beyond White Paper Reg


Innovations inClinical Trial Imaging in 2020 and Beyond

This white paper discussed advances which have the potential to transform how imaging data for clinical trials is collected, processed, and analyzed as well as how the imaging data is cleaned and correlated with clinical outcomes in a simple and scalable manner. It will be important for Sponsors to work with vendors who not only offer the latest appropriate technology, but the wherewithal to operationalize it and to apply it in a compliant way that is reproducible. This white paper outlines:

Advances in image data privacy, collection, acquisition and interpretation

  • Protecting Personal Health Information
  • Image Quality Control
  • Supporting Radiologist Assessment
  • Remote Image Reviews
  • Analyzing Images with Radiomics

Advances in image and data quality control & analysis

  • Automation Outlier Detection in Imaging Data
  • Monitoring Reader Performance
  • Correlating Imaging Data with Clinical Data
Innovations inClinical Trial Imaging in 2020 and Beyond