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Medidata Launch & Medidata Discovery

At Medidata, interns will have the opportunity to accelerate their careers by working closely with experienced professionals and gain valuable, hands-on, full-time work experience. By being a part of our global organization, interns have the opportunity to work alongside our talented and committed professionals helping them to build a strong foundation for achieving their career goals. For twelve weeks, interns will have an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of what it means to be a Medidatian. The program includes instructor led trainings, guided mentorship, exposure to senior leadership and community service. In addition to individual and specific related responsibilities, each intern will participate in our Intern Innovation Lab. Assigned to cross-functional teams, interns will work closely to develop an innovative solution to a business problem currently facing Medidata. Medidatians work in a culture of curiosity, innovation, and fun. We are united around a single goal of empowering smarter treatments and healthier people. You will be contributing to the line of business with sustainable and meaningful work.

Our Programs

Medidata Launch & Discovery

Medidata Discovery

This program is designed for rising sophomores and juniors looking to grow their soft skills and get introduced to the industry and company as a whole.

Throughout the 12 week internship program, medidata Discovery interns will be focusing on learning how to work in a professional environment and develop meaningful relationships. They will meet with the Senior Leadership Team and base discussions and training around development interests and needs from the intern class. Interns will learn about the business segments of Medidata, as well as the programs and roles available. 

Medidata Launch

This program is intended for rising seniors and graduate students who will have more engaging and relevant projects and are being considered for conversion into full time roles with Medidata.

Throughout the 12 week internship program, these interns will be meeting with the Senior Leadership Team focusing on discussions involving making the transition from intern to a full time employee. These trainings and discussions will be a more in depth learning curve of expectations and how to take your career to the next level. Launch interns will also engage in relevant projects and assignments that will have a direct impact on their team and the company as a whole.

Past Internships

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2021 Medidata Case Competition

Help Us Solve the Impossible September 17-19

Register below for our 2021 Medidata case competition where you and your team will aim to “solve the impossible.” The challenge? Innovating the future of social responsibility in clinical trials. Monetary prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third place winners. Get your team together and click below to learn more!