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2021 Summer Internship Program Farewell

Sep 13, 2021 - 2 min read
2021 Summer Internship Program Farewell

This blog was authored by Erika Singer, Talent Acquisition Programs & Engagement Analyst at Medidata.


As the head of Medidata’s early talent program I can say, without reservation, that the US and UK Medidata 2021 Summer Internship Programs have been nothing less than incredible, and once again, reinforced the bright future of our company, and the continued impact we make within our industry. As the third and final piece of this internship blog series, please allow me to express a few thoughts, highlights, and personal anecdotes on the program’s conclusion over the last four weeks.

As part of our executive exposure sessions—Sastry Chilukuri, Naveen Bhateja, and Michael Pray took time to field intern questions and formulate responses that provided invaluable feedback which, I can guarantee, left an imprint on the minds of our interns that will not soon wear off. Wrapped into their feedback were career success stories, industry insights, and actionable tips for future growth.

We then held a virtual meeting of our Discovery and Launch interns, during which games were played to allow cultural growth among the group. Although virtual “getting to know you sessions” certainly cannot replace face-to-face interaction, I must say I was proud of the group for their ability to comfortably share with one another!

The interns then presented during the Final Intern Showcase. Day one featured the Technology and R&D Teams, while day two included presentations from Marketing, Professional Services, Acorn AI, and the People Teams. In a format similar to the Intern Innovation Labs, our interns presented not only their work but also demonstrated their skill sets and individual talents as they answered questions from those in attendance. Each presentation was truly enlightening, and when all compiled together, certainly emphasize our culture of, “Together, We Can.” On a parting showcase note, I want to formally thank everyone who attended these presentations and actively participated: This would not have been the experience that it was without you and your support.

Last, but certainly not least, we held a lunch-and-learn with our co-founder, Glen De Vries, who, over the course of the Internship program, dedicated time to get to know each intern individually. On a deeper dive, Glen took time to learn about each intern’s project and their work within the organization throughout the summer.

Although endings can be somewhat bittersweet, as a company we can only hope that the interns’ newly acquired skills and the connections made this summer will return to us as conversions to full-time employees!

I will end by saying that even in a virtual setting, the 2021 Internship Program has been our best yet. To all the interns, supervisors, managers, and others involved, I want to say thank you for doing your part in making our offerings top-notch. I also want to personally thank Jill Miller, who worked with me every step of the way, truly caring about the personal development and positive experience of each intern.

To our interns: We hope to see you back at Medidata…but until then, continue to look for great opportunities, shine bright, and Solve The Impossible.

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