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Adaptive Trials In Action

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Denise Myshko explores how “fewer data points will come from the traditional investigator-led EDC data entry process” in interviews with several industry leaders in a recent issue of PharmaVoice.

She talks with Simona Cipra, VP of clinical operations at Tesaro, and Medidata COO Mike Capone about how Tesaro was able to decrease data entry time by 35%, save 40% on package waste, and reduce shipping costs by about 34% using Medidata’s Balance randomization and trial supply management solution for pooling drug supplies. Medidata and Tesaro won the Informa CARE Award in 2017 for “Clinical Trial Partnership of the Year.”

There’s a lot to explore in the article, including test cases with Regeneron, Roche and Novartis, and insight from Craig Lipset of Pfizer. Check it out.

Jacob Angevine