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And The First Medidata Symposium Hackathon Winner Is…

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 This year at European Symposium marked the very first Medidata Symposium Hackathon.

Symposium attendees were asked to create a mobile app to support clinical research using the recently released Medidata AppConnect software development kit.

Ross Rothmeier, Medidata’s vice president of technology solutions, served as chair for the technology track and the master of ceremonies of the Hackathon. Here’s his recap of the event.

By all accounts, the hackathon went very, very well.  At the outset, we had well over 40 attendees in the orientation session.  Some were curious, others were ready to dive in and hack.  Ultimately, participants developed two applications with four teams participating.  All of them had fantastic ideas!

The teams met and collaborated over the course of two days. We held scrum sessions with Medidata experts to help them work through ideas and technical questions, and enjoyed a midnight hacker snack on the first day of the Symposium.

The atmosphere was electric on the day of the reveal as everyone was curious to see what the hackers had made, and I dare say they were not disappointed!

The grand prize was awarded to team Viking (aka Lundbeck) who developed a fully functioning IOS app that helped assess depression patients’ responsiveness to reminders. By cleverly using the unlock feature of the iPhone, they could gauge how responsive patients were to reminders, and they sent the data directly to Rave. The UI was polished, and the code was well developed. It was just amazing.

Runners up from SGS Life Science Services created an Android app that assessed compliance with gestures (writing a Z or a question mark on the mobile phone) to gauge coordination and compliance, which again sent data directly into a Rave form.  It was both clever and innovative, and it was also the first completed app in the hackathon.

Teams from Janssen and CTS/ValueLabs had innovative ideas that highlighted patient engagement. Despite not finishing their apps in time for various reasons, they were very engaged throughout the process. The teams clearly were thinking along the lines of Bristol-Myers Squibb Global Clinical Operations VP and Symposium keynote speaker Peter Ronco’s challenge to tangibly show patient centricity in their work.

It was absolutely awesome to see how the teams were able to develop complete apps in just two days without missing Symposium sessions and events. Okay, they missed a little sleep, as did the Medidata support team, but it was worth it!

The creativity and thought process that went into the app design clearly shows that the AppConnect SDK is approachable and will be a phenomenal tool for our clients to extend the Medidata Clinical Cloud®. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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Jacob Angevine