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April 18 Media Roundup

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Check out some of last week’s news highlights from our social media feeds below. Don’t forget to stay in touch with us this week on LinkedIn and Twitter.

mHealth and Tech

Smart Data

  • 100,000 participants have enrolled in the world’s largest medical imaging study in England. The project will generate the equivalent of 500 e-books of data.
  • IBM’s Watson is jumping into the fight against cancer to help doctors stay current with the latest treatments and research. Eventually doctors will be able to prescribe an app to give personalized, cancer care insights on a mobile device.  
  • How will big data benefit diabetes patients? Machine learning is being considered a potential tool to prevent and treat diabetes in the near future.

Life Sciences and Pharma

  • Yuri Milner, Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg are all involved with Breakthrough Starshot, an initiative to send tiny space vessels to Alpha Centauri.
  • Clinical trial data often shows trends before research is complete, but researchers rarely share or act on it until the trial ends. JAMA argues for sharing clinical trial data earlier in the process.
  • Pediatric cancer is often overlooked when it comes to funding research and developing new drugs. Read up on why this threatens cancer patients of all ages.
  • Entrepreneur Sean Parker is behind a $250 million investment that includes 300 scientists and 40 labs working together to share information and “solve cancer.”
  • The NIH and FDA agree that clinical trials need more participants, and they’re taking steps to make it happen. The two agencies have released a proposed new format to use with protocol design.
  • STAT takes readers back in time and looks at how ether changed surgery including a 360-degree tour of the “Ether Dome” of the 1800s.  
  • Sanofi and DiCE Molecules are launching a five-year research collaboration to target new therapeutics of interest to the pharma company. The project will use the DiCE platform and is intended to speed up the drug development timeline.
  • Finding patients for clinical trials is rarely easy, so companies are coming together to create a program that groups patients based on unique characteristics. The intent is to speed up the advancement of precision medicine.
  • new Alzheimer’s drug has been given the go-ahead to move into a Phase III trial. The joint Eli Lilly-AstraZeneca drug is hoped to slow disease progression.
  • TechCrunch gave a shout out to 13 women leading life sciences companies including those at 23andMe, Theranos, Ginkgo Bioworks and uBiome.

Jacob Angevine