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Cognizant Discusses Clinical Technology and How Researchers Can Work More Efficiently

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This March, clinical research professionals using the Medidata platform will gather in New York City for the 8th annual Americas Medidata User Group (A-MUG) conference, hosted by Purdue Pharma. As we prepare for this year’s conference, we look forward to connecting with peers, sharing best practices and exchanging ideas that can help improve the clinical trial process. Achieving efficiencies in clinical research through technology-enabled process improvements was one of many topics also discussed at the recent European Medidata User Group (E-MUG) conference in Nice, France, where we had the opportunity to talk about this more with Stephane Collet, senior director of client partner life sciences at Cognizant.

In this video interview, Medidata's Claribel Pichardo asks Stephane about industry trends, how clinical research teams can be motivated to work more efficiently and the use of technology to address challenges.

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