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The Crawl, Walk, Run of Remote Patient Research

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John Reites is the chief product officer at THREAD, a leader in providing an end-to-end technology platform for launching and conducting remote patient research.

Patients are looking for more than technology when they participate in clinical research. They are giving us so much of their time, passion and energy in our studies, that we need to research WITH them, provide them value and support them in return.

That’s what we are doing for patients and researchers by providing them mobile apps and web experiences that work together to provide engagement tools, eConsent, ePRO and capture other forms of data directly from them every day, throughout their entire research experience. This is remote patient research. It’s how we are changing the way patients enroll, engage and provide a wealth of research data in a simple way.

Imagine your Phase II or Phase III study enabled by a research app that engages and collects data from patients in between and during study visits with their research site. Imagine your sub-study, registry or observational study conducted directly with patients and one central investigator from online recruitment through study completion. This is the power of remote patient research helping pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, CROs and many others to collect data in weeks at a fraction of the cost we spend today.

Remote patient research isn’t new, but there is a crawl, walk, run approach to how you can think about implementation within your organization.

Jacob Angevine