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Dec. 7 Media Roundup

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It was another busy week for pharma, tech and data news. Catch up below, and stay in touch with us all week on Twitter and LinkedIn.

mHealth and Tech

  • Disease-specific apps continue to be developed. Last week, Iodine announced a new app that will help depression patients determine if a new medication is effective.
  • Coming to us from Carnegie Mellon University, a new artificial intelligence personal assistant has been developed that “whispers directions in your ear.” The idea is to create an option to YouTube for learning how to do something.
  • Scientists at the University of Manitoba have created a stretchable sensor from chewing gum. When chewed for 30 minutes, the sensor is able to pick up body motion and breathing.
  • GE Healthcare released GE Health Cloud, a product that will link medical devices across the world, process the data and store the patient records using its new Predix Cloud.
  • Hundreds of hospitals are using biometric fingerprint readers to avoid mixing up patients and reduce fraud. Would you be comfortable sharing your fingerprint?
  • Half of the cars on the road will be self-driving in the next 15 years. Check out the 10 things to know about artificial intelligence.
  • Are biometric tattoos the next big thing in wearables? There was buzz last week about Chaotic Moon’s temporary tattoo prototype – inked right on your skin – that will collect health and other biometric data from your body.


Pharma and Life Sciences

Company News

  • We were excited last week to announce a new CRO partnership with C&R Research in South Korea! Read up on all the details.
  • Infinity Pharmaceuticals has joined the list of companies using our risk-based monitoring software. The company will be using the software in a clinical trial of its treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Jacob Angevine