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Disruptive Innovator of the Year

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It was fantastic to connect with so many industry leaders and creative colleagues last week at DPharm, to learn about and experience new innovations, to brainstorm what we can all be doing to be more disruptive in bringing new and better solutions to market (in the very positive context of Clay Christensen’s definition of disruptive innovation). We had the pleasure of participating in the “Second Annual Quick Fire Disruptive Technology Presentations” competition with Medidata strategic partner Spaulding Clinical Research. I wound up barefoot on stage with Randy Spaulding, while we were both hooked up to various devices which were pushing our ECGs, activity levels, weight and body fat percentage into the Medidata Clinical Cloud. We had a blast!  We were honored to participate with so many really cool, innovative companies and we were certainly delighted to bring home the “Most Disruptive Innovator” award.  All in all a good day for Medidata and the industry.  

We hope you enjoy the video.


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