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EDC and ePRO Come Together at SCDM

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I’m really excited to head to The Society for Clinical Data Management’s (SCDM) 2014 Annual Conference in Las Vegas. I love coming to this conference every year because it’s a great venue to see customers and colleagues past and present. It’s also a “who’s who” of all those LinkedIN discussion group threads you see in the ever popular “EDC in Clinical Trials Group.” Looking around the room I always think to myself – “Hey, I know them….or at least I feel like I do.”

As noted in my video above, I am particularly interested in two sessions at SCDM 2014 this year. Here is a link to their program.

The first is on day two — September 29th at 10:30am — Electronic Health Records (EHRs)and Their Impact on Clinical Data Management . This is presented by Johann Proeve from Bayer. This has been a topic of discussion for 10+ years now on figuring out a way to improve the quality of data collected in clinical trials directly from the source. Electronic data capture (EDC) has changed the way sites interact with sponsors and their data, but it still means plenty of paper is still in play (and in storage) within the walls of clinical sites. I hope to hear how data management are dealing with these new feeds of data but I’m also very hopeful to see EHR companies like Cerner, Allscripts and EPIC come on board in support of CDISC Standards that support this future. In the end I hope to see a real live, multi-center trial (i.e., not a pilot or a demo) to be launched within the next year using EHR as source data.

The second is on day three — September 30th at 8:30am — Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Developments in ePRO and eCOA. This is an interactive round table discussion moderated by Sheila Rocchio of PHT. I’m particularly interested to hear what companies are starting to stick their neck out when it comes to this paradigm shift in gathering data from patients directly. We all can list 20 reasons not to do it but I hope to hear reasons the industry can do this. I also hope to hear examples from those who have tried it, what their lessons learned were and how the regulators feel about this approach going forward. (Spoiler Alert – they support it.)

So as I leave New York for Las Vegas, I hope to see you at SCDM 2014. I will leave you with 3 suggestions for the week.

  1. Engage in the sessions. Ask questions, take notes, follow up. Since this is a very data driven conference, if someone doesn’t have data to back up their claims, call them out. If you don’t someone else will. The sessions are large enough to be meaningful but small enough to shout out a question.
  2. Visit booth #403, come visit me, get a demo and win a prize. Medidata has some pretty cool stuff to show and I’m one of the guys showing it.
  3. Always double down on 11. Sorry, those are the rules.

*Guest blogger Joe Dustin is a senior solutions specialist at Medidata Solutions. Follow Joe on Twitter @eClinical. Additional blog posts by Joe.


VIDEO: electronic data capture (EDC), health records (EHR) & patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) at #SCDM14 @eClinical — Medidata (@Medidata) September 23, 2014


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