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Feb. 16 Media Roundup

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It was another news-packed week in the world of tech, pharma, life sciences and mHealth. If you fell behind, catch up on all of last week's highlights from our social media channels. 

mHealth and Tech

Big Data

  • The healthcare industry sees the potential of big data and is hiring! Right now, the biggest setback is finding the talent to work with the large datasets.
  • Is using big data enough or are more substantial cultural changes needed to maximize its value? Many of the big data challenges companies face are related to people, not technology.
  • Companies are beginning to collect employee health data to drive down healthcare costs. Future initiatives along these lines may include information about the average anxiety levels, antidepressant use and body mass index of employees.
  • Did you know big data is already making an impact and fighting disease? Right now it’s contributing to the knowledge and treatment of ebola, sepsis and polio.  

Pharma and Life Sciences

  • A new ARCO video talks about the complex issues of real world data and how drugs perform after the clinical trial process.
  • In a creative approach to battling cancer, New Mexico researchers are experimenting with inserting genetically modified cancer cells into the bloodstream to fight cancerous tumors.
  • Augmented reality has set its sights on the biopharma industry with industry-tailored software that lets smart glass wearers see through others eyes, allowing real-time oversight.
  • New study findings show carbon material graphene could be used for flexible brain implants. The material show promise of biocompatibility with the soft tissue of human brains.
  • The properties of elastin — the molecule that allows our skin to twist, blood vessels to expand and lungs to swell and relax — have been uncovered. 
  • Johnson & Johnson and Viacyte are partnering in an effort to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes using a stem-cell based treatment.

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Jacob Angevine