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Feb. 8 Media Roundup

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mHealth and Tech

  • Wearables of the future won’t just be limited to activity trackers. Wearable furniture, stealth wear, portable mind monitors and exoskeletons are some of the products being developed today.
  • Are biological insights — typically confined to a lab setting and teams of scientists — coming to the cloud? Supported by funding from Andreessen Horowitz, former Stanford professor Vijay Pande is trying to make it happen.  
  • In its first earnings report separate from Google, Alphabet emerged as the world’s most valuable company last week, knocking Apple from the #1 spot. 
  • A newly released survey found that 31% of heart patients use an app or a device to manage their condition. 
  • The New York Times spotlighted a tech power couple in New York, founders at Foursquare and Stowaway.  
  • A neurologist “hacked” his mind to share it with a computer to pursue his dream of building better cyborgs and digitize human thoughts. Read up on how it went
  • Glen de Vries and Barbara Elashoff write about how wearable data could make clinical trials safer for patients and provide meaningful data to the FDA.
  • Researchers at the University of California Berkeley have designed a new wearable system that measures human sweat chemicals, calibrates the data using body temperature, and shares it with a smartphone, providing a real-time snapshot of the user’s health.
  • President Obama is a big fan of tech gadgets and even uses a Fitbit to track his health metrics.

Big Data

Pharma and Life Sciences

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