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Happy Sites Improve Study Outcomes

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Site performance is critical to the success of a trial, which is why sponsors and CROs are moving towards site centricity.  In fact, sponsors and CROs can support improved patient recruitment and study outcomes once they understand the site’s perspective.

So what do sites need to improve study outcomes?

Join Christine Pierre, president of the Society of Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), which represents nearly 9,000 research sites in 47 countries, and Wade Wirta, managing director of Medidata Balance® to hear more during a fireside chat. Christine knows better than anyone the challenges sites face, and will provide insights into achieving better trial outcomes. 

Christine and Wade’s conversation “Improving Study Outcomes: A Site Perspective” will be live streamed on September 13. Make sure to stick around for the Q&A; Christine and Wade will answer all of your questions about site-sponsor relations, trial supply management and trial protocols.

Jacob Angevine