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Health Care Innovation Takes Center Stage at Health 2.0

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This week, Kara Dennis and I went to the 6th Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco. The conference was held at the Hilton, right in the heart of Union Square. The event was timed perfectly, as last weekend was one of the most active weekends in San Francisco for 2012: Fleet Week and the America’s Cup sailing race were in full swing, the San Francisco Giants continued in the playoffs and the Blue Angels were buzzing the city (what seemed like every 10 minutes). This show reminds me of the TED conferences. The talks were short but very interesting. The demos were entrepreneurial pitches packed with value. Even fitness guru Jillian Michaels spoke! Medidata was invited to speak twice during this conference and give demonstrations of what we do. We were welcomed because we brought something unique to the conversation. See, the majority of attendees and exhibiting companies here reside in the health care space while Medidata exists in the clinical trials space. Most people I spoke to deal with electronic medical records (EMRs) and developed technology solutions that were sold to providers and payers — not pharmaceuticals or contract research organizations (CROs). I had some great discussions about trying to connect research to health care and understanding how these apps used with your doctor or an EMR could add major value to reduce clinical trial costs and improve the data quality. After two days of discussions, it was very apparent to me that the barriers to entry in clinical trials are MUCH higher than health care. It’s easier to create a great app when there are fewer regulations to scare innovative, new and cool companies away, like PillJogger, CareThread, Traitwise and Medikly. Have a look at our video from the conference floor to hear a bit more about what Kara and I saw at Health 2.0. In future posts, I’ll explain more about the synergies between clinical trials and health care and why 2014 is the year we may finally force the industry to bridge the gap. Guest blogger Joe Dustin is a senior business consultant at Medidata Solutions. You can reach Joe by email or follow him on Twitter @eClinical. Kara Dennis is senior director of strategic and corporate development at Medidata Solutions. You can reach Kara by email or follow her on Twitter @KaraNDennis.

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