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Hippocratic Code: Our Contribution to Open Source Software (OSS)

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Normally on Geeks Talk Clinical we discuss the impact of technology on clinical development, but we don't always focus on the technology itself. After all, the best software is almost invisible, making our jobs easier, our lives better without us having to understand how it is created or delivered. Perhaps most invisible of all is the software that runs the web and in fact, most of the internet. I am talking, of course, about Open Source Software (OSS. As an example, this blog is brought to you courtesy of a stack of OSS called LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and it is not alone. According to the October 2013 Netcraft survey, open source web servers were used in more than 70 percent of the world’s busiest websites. Companies like Google, Amazon and Netflix use OSS extensively, contributing improvements and bug fixes back to the community so that all users of the software benefit. At Medidata we are doing our part to participate in this community through our Hippocratic Code OSS initiative, a collection of libraries and applications developed and used by Medidata and provided as open source. The accompanying Hippocratic Code blog is an opportunity for our software development team to share their expertise. If you would like to know more about Medidata's open source policy and contributions I highly recommend Ray Rodriguez's opening blog post, “Paying it Forward Through Open Source.” We will be updating the Hippocratic Code blog regularly with new insights from our development groups. So please recommend it to your own technical and software development teams, and leave us your comments on how the tech community can benefit from innovative software, such as OSS. More on Ian Sparks

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