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How Life Sciences and Health Technologies are Changing the NYC Story with EpiBone CEO and TED Senior Fellow Nina Tandon

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Nina Tandon is the CEO of EpiBone, a NYC start-up and the first company working on growing personalized human bones for reconstructive surgery, by using patients' own stems cells and tissues. A native New Yorker, Nina obtained her PhD in biomedical engineering at Columbia and served as an associate postdoctoral researcher at the university's Laboratory for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering. She teaches electrical engineering at NYC's Cooper Union and is also a TED Senior Fellow and speaker, and has given many talks on EpiBone's revolutionary technology. EpiBone is currently based in the Harlem Biospace, an initiative of the NYC Partnership Fund. As a recent Business Insider article stated: "This woman's revolutionary start-up could change 900,000 surgeries a year." Nina was a keynote at our Medidata Symposium Europe in Switzerland, where we had a chance to catch up with her. In this conclusion to our 2-part video series, Nina discusses her passion for helping others and why she's proud to be a part of the changing NYC story. Watch Part 1 of our video interview with EpiBone CEO Nina Tandon. *Guest blogger Nina Tandon is a co-founder and CEO of EpiBone. You can follow her on Twitter @NinaTandon. You can also follow Nina’s company EpiBone@GrowYourOwnBone. TWEET THIS:

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