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Jan. 25 Media Roundup

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It was another busy week for us on our social media channels. Catch up on pharma and tech news highlights below.

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mHealth and Tech

  • Medal is tackling the problem of scattered medical records with software intended to fill in the blanks of a patient’s medical history.
  • A team of neurosurgeons and engineers have created a sensor that can be implanted and used during brain surgery to monitor swelling, allowing for real-time changes.
  • Wired on gene-editing CRISPR’s tools in action and details future capabilities and some of the current limitations.
  • Lyft and National MedTrans Network are partnering to provide non-emergency rides to NYC seniors headed to medical appointments.
  • Big Data is making an impact in treatments for both epidemics and common illnesses.
  • mHealth is alive and well for kids growing up with smartphones and doctors are beginning to consider how it can help children better access healthcare.
  • Does Joe Biden’s new initiative to cure cancer need a dose of Silicon Valley to make inroads?
  • Apple Watch is talking about moving towards a holistic presence where data from the physical, physiological and digital worlds intersect in new ways.
  • Google has filed a patent for a digital health tool that reminds individuals to take medication while eating.
  • Can one Big Data tool rule them all? Microsoft thinks its new product, R Server, may have capabilities beyond other tools.
  • A smart nano pill has been designed to help us learn more about our bodies and customize what we eat.

Pharma and Life Sciences

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