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July 14 Media Roundup

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Here’s what you missed in recent industry news. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest in how technology is transforming life sciences.

ALS patient and architect designs residence controlled by facial movements.

Back to earth for NASA’s “Power Glove.” Bioservo’s tech holds promise for people coping with injury.

Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Institute are developing liquid biopsy technology as part of Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot.

Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering arepushing the boundaries of DNA imaging.

“We’re standing once again at the doorstep of discovery.” President Obama on the promise of precision medicine.

Research shows people with cancer are less likely to get Alzheimer’s and vice versa. The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation investigates.

The National Institutes of Health has selected Vanderbilt University Medical Center as itsdata and research support center.

Meet Teddy the Guardian, a child’s best furry friend and now a new medtech diagnostic tool.

Researchers are bringing back Pac-Man in the form of microbial organisms

Part I of Game of Genomes is out! Dive into the exciting world of Carl Zimmer’s DNA.

Newly-identified “cell of origin” in skin cancers could lead to new therapies.

Startup 3Scan’s robotic microscope gives scientists a 3D map of tissue samples

What makes a successful digital health startup?

Star Wars, surgical bots and the future of doctor-patient relationships.

Scientists recreated Starry Night with DNA origami.

Data from a dengue fever hotline in Pakistan may help doctors predict surges in the disease.

Doctors have started to implant a new biodegradable stent in patients. This new technology, fully dissolvable two to three years after being deployed, is a stark contrast to the permanent metal devices that have been used for the last 20 years to keep diseased vessels open.


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