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May 9 Media Roundup

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Here’s what you missed in recent industry news. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest in how technology is transforming life sciences.

Organs on chips? It’s not sci-fi for biotech startup Emulate.

Can digitizing clinical trials create more cost-effective R&D and reverse Eroom’s Law?

There’s interesting research happening with CRISPR-Cas9 technology to tackle rare diseases.

Sanofi, Duke Clinical Research Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital are usingpredictive analytics for diabetes medicine adherence.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is developing “The Machine” – flipping computers “inside out” to flatten complex data

Mobile health (mHealth) sustainability depends on clinical rigor and adaptation to the “Internet of Life.”

How can you understand conditions like depression or deafness without direct experience? Researchers are turning to virtual reality tech to give the public the ability to live through the experiences of those with medical conditions and to instigate a conversation.

NASA’s “miracle” suit backed by WHO is saving mothers’ lives.

The Hive is Elsevier’s incubator for startups driving new R&D.

Researchers have recently been able to map unique genetic mutations in breast cancer.

A Canadian hospital is using Biotricity’s heart rate monitor to measure subtle changes in heart beat.

Google’s DeepMind is using data of 1.6 million patients to develop software to identify patient risk of kidney failure.

“You don’t have to be a genius to make valuable contributions to science.” – 23AndMe CEO Anne Wojcicki.

Clinically driven digital health is “part of a sea change from healthcare to self-care.”

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