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Optimizing Clinical Trial Supplies

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iStock_000047465614LargeWith the annual expenditures for clinical supplies being 40% or more of a sponsor’s R&D budget, efficiently managing clinical trial supplies is a critical component of any supplies-dependent clinical trial. The optimal plan is one that strikes a balance between trial demand, trial budget and available stock and—when successful—decreases wasted supplies, lowers costs, ensures supplies reach the sites on time and in the correct quantities, and ultimately accelerates the speed to market. The first step in developing a balanced clinical supply strategy is to determine which factors most influence the supply chain. Considerations such as supply cost and availability, technology and therapeutic area trends, often are very significant. With an understanding of these factors in hand, the details of the clinical supply strategy can be put in place. A successful supply plan includes things such as a packaging and shipping plan as well as distribution logistics. Once the most effective supply and shipping strategies have been determined, the supply plan can be put into action. A forecast should be created to determine total trial supply demand and then a supply budget can be formulated. Once the trial has gone live, inventory levels and supply activities must be monitored. For more information on this topic please see Developing a Strategy to Optimize Clinical Trial Supplies, which discusses:

  • The most common factors that influence trial supply and portray the influence they have on the decisions that determine the proper strategy.
  • How changes in the factors alter the plan and why one supply plan will not always translate to the next trial.
  • What to do once the decisions for the supply strategy have been formulated and some methods of managing the plan during the live trial.

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1st step in developing a #clinicaltrials supply strategy — determine which factors most influence the supply chain. — Medidata (@Medidata) December 1, 2014

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