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Predicting the Future of Clinical Site Monitoring: Will We Move Towards a Risk-Based Approach?

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Medidata and INC Research co-hosted two seminars in California last week, featuring speakers from both companies as well as Halloran Consulting Group president Laurie Halloran. Following the seminars, Medidata’s John Vlachos spoke with colleagues Fran Nolan, vice president of quality and regulatory affairs, and Stephen Young, senior product director, about the future of clinical site monitoring and how the industry is rapidly moving towards implementing a risk-based approach. In this video, Fran and Steve share insight on this growing trend and how even regulators are pushing for its adoption to improve efficiencies and quality of data, and for better protection of subjects and patients. *Fran Nolan is vice president of quality and regulatory affairs at Medidata Solutions. You can reach Fran by email or follow her on Twitter @fnolanMDSOL. *Stephen Young is senior director of product management at Medidata Solutions, overseeing our Insights initiative. You can reach Stephen via email.

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