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Quantified Self in Clinical Trials

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Lord Kelvin said, “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” In the modern era of clinical research, this is how we have released new drugs and therapies to the market. We conduct phased experiments on humans, and after enough measurements, we find out if what we have improves the human condition. For over a hundred years, this data collection was typically done on paper and in the office of a physician or a researcher. Today at Medidata, our Clinical Cloud software is collecting 50 percent of the online data collected in clinical trials around the world.

What I believe can enhance this future, is the addition of quantified self devices to monitor subjects more frequently as they live their daily lives. The real innovation here is building the bridge into the clinical trial world and figuring out how to use it. Capturing this passive data may give us a window into a condition that we were not aware of before or identify trends about how real people live their lives with a certain medical condition, or when taking a specific drug. Furthering the use of this technology will help those running clinical trials make more effective decisions and drive new drugs to market faster, safer and cheaper than ever before. Pushing the convergence between research and healthcare is where we are headed and once the majority of the population gets their medical records online, they will have more opportunities to take a stronger role in their healthcare through new disruptive applications which will feed back into research pipelines, and improve quality of life.

Guest blogger Joe Dustin is a senior business consultant at Medidata Solutions. You can reach Joe by email or connect with him on Twitter @eClinical.

Brock Heinz is the engineering and innovation lead at Spaulding Clinical. You can reach Brock by email or follow him on Twitter @Brock_Heinz.

Randy Spaulding is the founder and CEO of Spaulding Clinical. Follow them on Twitter @SpauldingCRS.

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