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Reduce Site Monitoring Costs with a Strategic Approach (Part 1)

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Last month, Medidata Solutions and INC Research co-hosted a seminar on reducing site monitoring costs, sharing major considerations and best practices on implementing a risk-based monitoring program. The seminar covered how to interpret the newest updates from regulatory agencies; implementing a total data quality plan, including assessing risk up-front; measuring success; and leveraging technology to adopt strategic monitoring and help streamline processes. Check out this recap video with Medidata presenters Stephen Young, Philip Coran and Mike Petrarca. *Stephen Young is principal engagment consultant at Medidata. You can reach Steve via email or follow him @SteveYoung99. *Philip Coran is director of quality and regulatory affairs at Medidata. You can reach Philip via email. *Mike Petrarca is senior director of clinical business analytics at Medidata. You can reach Mike via email. StevePhilipMike

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