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Reduce Site Monitoring Costs with a Strategic Approach (Part 3)

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Medidata Solutions and INC Research co-hosted a seminar on reducing site monitoring costs, sharing major considerations and best practices on implementing a risk-based monitoring (RBM) program. In this final video with Medidata presenters Steve Young, Philip Coran and Mike Petrarca, Steve discusses how cycle time from subject visit to data entry is important for effective RBM, and how we should urge sites to enter visit data quickly. TransCelerate also touched on this last year, stating that central and off-site monitoring is dependent on the timely entry of data and query resolution. Hear more from Steve on some compelling cycle time metrics and how integrated technology can result in improvements, while also driving better compliance. *Stephen Young is principal engagment consultant at Medidata. You can reach Steve via email or follow him @SteveYoung99. *Philip Coran is director of quality and regulatory affairs at Medidata. You can reach Philip via email. *Mike Petrarca is senior director of clinical business analytics at Medidata. You can reach Mike via email. MikePetrarca

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