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Revolutionizing the Way Physicians Connect Patients to Life-Changing Treatments

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ePatientFinder makes it possible for physicians to learn about new, life-changing treatments for their patients. And that’s not all they're doing to revolutionize clinical trials. In this conclusion of our video chat with president and CEO Tom Dorsett, we hear about ePatientFinder's work with electronic health records (EHR) vendors and additional services they’re beginning to offer.

Watch Part 1 of our video interview with Tom Dorsett, shot in beautiful Lausanne, Switzerland.

*Guest blogger Tom Dorsett is president and CEO of ePatientFinder, a Medidata Technology Partner.


[VIDEO] @epatientfinder is revolutionizing how physicians connect patients to treatment options. #clinicaltrials — Medidata (@Medidata) January 8, 2015

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