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Show us #howyoudovirtual for Medidata NEXT Global

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We’ve all spent many, many hours working from makeshift home offices, in our best business casual—or athleisure wear—giving 100% at virtual conferences, meetings, even joining a Zoom happy hour or 12…

Now, in anticipation of the biggest EVER Medidata NEXT Global, we’ve prepared some tips and tricks to look your best when virtually networking. Our lead video producer, Jared Thompson, has some simple steps to help reduce the anxiety and make you feel and look your best:

1. Lighting

  • Use natural light from a window, a well-lit room, or a table lamp directly behind your webcam
  • Harsh light can be diffused with a piece of paper taped over the source (i.e. your lamp or window)
  • The direction of light is very important—make sure the source is directed at your face rather than your back

2. Framing

  • The ideal position for a webcam is right at eye level or just above—stacked books can elevate your computer if need be
  • Frame yourself from the mid-chest up
  • Also, consider your background—try to avoid too much clutter, but a few small items can help liven up the space
  • Leave some distance between yourself and the wall behind you for a more professional look
  • If you’re using a phone, make sure it’s in landscape mode (horizontal)

3. Audio:

  • Use a quiet room—close windows and doors, and turn off any loud appliances like air conditioners
  • For a small amount of money, you can buy a USB mic to significantly improve your sound quality

Quick tips:

  • Take 30 minutes to set up and test the day prior to your presentation, so you can focus on your content when the day arrives
  • Keep a glass of water nearby just off camera
  • Maintain good posture and avoid swiveling in a chair

We’re excited to see #howyoudovirtual—don’t forget to register for Medidata NEXT Global!

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