Looking Beyond the Current Trend of Virtual Trials


Looking Beyond the Current Trend of Virtual Trials

As the world shifts to incorporate methods of virtualization in everyday life, an immediate need for integrating virtualizing solutions in the clinical trial lifecycle has developed. Instead of retrofitting a protocol to fit multiple virtual point solutions, what does the bigger picture look like for virtual clinical trials? In this session, we will discuss how to leverage many virtualization technologies into a unified approach to trial virtualization in addition to discussing what’s next for virtual clinical trials.

Speaker: Michael Tucker

Senior Product Solutions Specialist, Medidata Solutions

Michael is a member of Medidata’s Mobile Health team and is a subject matter expert in electronic informed consent and virtual trials.  Over the last six years, Michael has worked collaboratively with sponsors, CROs, regulators, ethics committees and researchers around the world to pioneer the use of electronic informed consent and virtual trials.  His 30-year career in medical research includes 8 years with the US government conducting and supporting surgical research and 22 years working in the commercial sector to provide technology solutions that improve and support preclinical and clinical research.  Michael has been a participant in two clinical trials…but had to consent on paper because eConsent had not been invented yet! Michael is a decorated veteran of the United States Navy and resides in Austin, Texas where he is also an elected public official serving his local community.