Oncology-focused pharma company uses Acorn AI solutions to maximize patient enrollment in groundbreaking product launch

About the Customer:

This pharmaceutical company focuses on developing new drugs to treat cancer.

The Challenge:

Known for groundbreaking cancer therapies, this emerging pharma company was developing a new enzyme-blocking oncology therapy for a specific type of cancer with the potential to serve a large patient population. The therapy represented an opportunity to be quick to market and help more patients.

Because this was a completely new therapy for this specific type of cancer, it was critical for the company to make fast adjustments immediately following the product launch, and during the weeks and months thereafter. However, its legacy information systems were not designed to support such a hyper-competitive, specialty oncology launch. The systems in place were not scalable, nor would they allow the company to assess, diagnose, and react fast enough to maximize patient enrollment in the new therapy. The company needed an analytics solution that could navigate these complexities.

The Solution:

To convert data from a complex continuum of care into strategies that could help break down barriers to patient access, the company selected STRATA, a cutting-edge data management platform and Acorn Insights, an innovative reporting solution that creates a guided narrative for representatives to follow, greatly increasing their efficiency and impact in the field. The analytics engagement included software and services integrated with the company’s entire commercial data ecosystem, including distributors, pharmacies, customer relationship management (CRM), and master data management (MDM), and provided full systems readiness in time for the launch of the new therapy. On the day of the launch, the company had much greater insight than ever: it could see which patients were trying to enroll in the therapy, which were investigating benefits coverage, and which payers might be denying coverage.

By aggregating claims and prescription data and providing MDM capabilities, STRATA helped the company keep patient data clean, complete, up-to-date, and truly representative of the patient population. As market dynamics change, it could use Acorn’s Insights solution to take immediate action through guided analytics.

“Acorn AI has been alongside us the whole way, acting as an advisor at our sales meetings and vendor summits and running workshops with our employees to make sure they’re getting the most from the technology,” says the director. “They care about our success in helping patients with cancer, and it shows.”

The Results

The field, supported by patient and shipment alerting from day one, can better understand the product life cycle, each patient’s journey, and their physician relationships. Instead of waiting up to 12 days for actionable data, the company can provide executive leadership, office employees, and field sales reps with same-day insights, allowing them to pursue new opportunities within their respective areas and ensure constant, purposeful engagement with the provider base.

At the time of the product launch, the company was an innovative yet smaller player in the pharmaceutical industry, and Acorn’s solutions helped it run lean and maximize efficiency. “We were launching into a competitive market against much larger organizations, so we had to do something innovative,” says the director. “Using Acorn to support the launch of our new maintenance therapy allowed us to compete with top ten pharma companies and introduce a market-leading solution.”

Instead of wrestling with spreadsheets and cumbersome applications, employees now all interact with the same datasets through an easy-to-use, cloud-based interface that provides a single version of the truth. As a result, sales reps are saving 30 to 45 minutes per day that they can redirect from sales planning to making sales calls and helping prescribing physicians get their patients approved for therapies. Sales and marketing also use the data to hyper-target prescribers, key opinion leaders, and influencers in the oncology community to figure out what messaging works best to pique their interest in new therapies.

Three months after the launch, the company experienced a sudden and significant shift in distribution patterns for the therapy. Instead of the expected 50/50 split between pharmacy sales and hospital sales, distribution quickly evolved into an 85/15 split favoring the pharmacy route. With Acorn AI, the company was able to pivot quickly, avoiding any delay in serving the pharmacy market to its full potential.

As the company releases new therapies, it will use Acorn solutions to help reach more patients who have already been through the rigors of chemotherapy, surgery, or both, and help them lead more normal, potentially longer lives.

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Reduction in time to insight
Senior Director of Market Access, Oncology-Focused Pharmaceutical Company

Using Acorn AI to support the launch of our new maintenance therapy allowed us to compete with top ten pharma companies and introduce a market-leading solution.