Medidata CAR-T Safety Factsheet

Fact Sheet

Medidata CAR-T Safety

Immunotherapy is rapidly expanding as a promising form of cancer treatment, especially around CAR-T cell therapy. However, research and market adoption have both been limited by safety events such as Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS).

Added: Mitigation of safety events is possible with access to a robust dataset and advanced AI analytics that can develop predictive modeling to support CAR-T trial design while leveraging a Synthetic Control Arm to reduce sample size.

Learn how to leverage Medidata’s powerful and growing clinical trial dataset to mitigate CAR-T trial failure.


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Talk to our experts now to learn how historical clinical trial data can help teams running CAR-T trials better understand and predict which patients are more likely to experience CRS and can help them to better recruit, treat, and proactively monitor individuals to ultimately have more successful trials.


Medidata CAR-T Safety