Medidata Certified Monitor

Medidata Certified Monitor

Description: The Medidata Certified Monitor track recognizes clinical research associates and monitors who have successfully completed training on how to perform common data monitoring tasks using Medidata Rave. Topics assessed include but are not limited to Rave EDC navigation, data cleaning activities, Rave Query Management and Medidata CTMS.

Prerequisite eLearning Courses: 
Certification Enrollment and Terms: This short course includes the Certification Program’s terms of use and enrollment forms.

Medidata Classic Rave EDC Essentials for Clinical Research Associates
Rave Advanced EDC for Sponsors
Rave Query Management
Medidata CTMS Monitoring

Exam Details: There is no examination—certification is earned by passing post-assessments for all prerequisite eLearning courses, which may be taken all at once or one at a time. The total duration is approximately two hours.

All exam schedules are subject to change. To pursue a Medidata Professional Certification, please contact your Medidata project manager or send an email to