Medidata Grants Manager Planning Learning Path

Grants Manager Planning Learning Path

Use this roadmap to find the Medidata Global Education courses you can take to learn about Grants Manager Planning functionality.

Phase 1 – The value and general functions of the application.

Phase 2 – Role-based actions within the application.

Phase 3 – More advanced actions and troubleshooting, and user certification.



Learn what you’d need to know to have an informed general discussion about the application.

  • How does Grants Manager Planning fit into the clinical trial process?
  • Who uses Grants Manager Planning?
  • What are its features and functions?


Grants Manager Planning Overview

An eLearning to provide a basic understanding of how to use industry benchmark data to create consistent trial budgets.

Grants Manager Quick Price

An eLearning to show how the Quick Price tool can speed budget creation.



Get hands-on practice in building an investigator budget.


Medidata Grants Manager Planning



Learn the highest levels of functionality available to Grants Manager users and become a Medidata Grants Manager Planning certified user.


Medidata Grants Manager Certified User Exam Prep Course

Review all you’ve learned and prepare for the certification exam.

Certification Exam:

Medidata Grants Manager Certified User Exam

To enroll in the certification program, contact your Medidata project manager.