Medidata CTMS Learning Path

Medidata CTMS Learning Path

Use this roadmap to find the Medidata Global Education courses you can take to learn about Medidata CTMS functionality.

Phase 1 – The value and general functions of the application.

Phase 2 – Role-based actions within the application.

Phase 3 – More advanced configuration.



Learn what you’d need to know to have an informed general discussion about the application.

  • What is CTMS and how does it work?
  • How is CTMS integrated with the Medidata platform?


Medidata CTMS Introduction

An eLearning that gives an overview of CTMS and its basic functionality.

iMedidata for Admins: Managing a Study

An eLearning for users who will create and manage studies in iMedidata.



Learn about end-user roles in CTMS.


Medidata CTMS Document Tracking

This course is intended for those who use Medidata CTMS for document tracking that includes tasks such as generating documents from templates and assigning documents to studies.

Medidata CTMS for Study Managers

This course prepares participants to use Medidata CTMS for overall management of the trial.

Medidata CTMS Monitoring

This course prepares participants to use Medidata CTMS to track and manage site visits.

Medidata CTMS Payments

This course is intended for users who use Medidata CTMS for overall management of trial payments.

Medidata CTMS End User Training

This 2.5-day course provides an end-to-end overview of Medidata CTMS for all end users.


Learn how to

  • Create and manage studies, sites and studies
  • Configure CTMS for end users


Medidata CTMS Administration and Configuration

This course provides you with core knowledge on CTMS concepts, users and roles management and other functionality that augments the preparation, administration and setup process. You will be required to complete a case study by building a portfolio program, create a study and work with activity templates, milestones and documents.