Medidata Payments Learning Path

Medidata Payments Learning Path

Use this roadmap to find the Medidata Global Education courses you can take to learn about Medidata Payments functionality.

Phase 1 – The value and general functions of the application.

Phase 2 – Role-based actions within the application.

Phase 3 – More advanced actions and troubleshooting.



Learn what you’d need to know to have an informed general discussion about the payments industry.


Site Payments: Insights and Competencies

An eLearning in which you will learn about Site Payments and the current industry challenges. In this session you will learn about Site Payments and  the existing problems, financial accounting basics, the global complexities with payments and recognizing the basic payments workflow.



Learn more about the Medidata Payments Solution:


Introducton to Medidata Payments

An eLearning in which you will learn about the Medidata Payments solution. In this session you will learn about general navigation in  Medidata Payments as well as how the payments solution shortens payment cycle times to sites manages global payment complexities and provides financial accountability.

Site Payments: The Value Proposition

In this course you will learn how Medidata Payments supports you as a site payments center of excellence. You will recognize the value of the Medidata Payments Solution through partnering to drive future business. In addition you will learn the value of positioning Medidata Payments for competitive advantage for Bids, Defenses and FSP environment.



Learn more about steps to enable a user to execute and configure payments:


Medidata Payments Execution

Financial Management in Medidata Payments is about payment processing for clinical trials, which includes the setup of event costs, triggers, and payees/event payees, approving costs, requesting invoices of non-US sites, approving payments, and disbursing  payments.

The focus of this course is to enable a Super User or Project Manager to input all required client information to set up and execute a payment.

Medidata Payments Configuration

This session provides you with core knowledge on Payments concepts, study management, users and other functionality that augments the preparation and setup process.  In addition, you will learn about the requirements for Rave integration.