Emerging MedTech Innovation Program:

Advanced Clinical Trial Solutions Made Accessible

Your vision is to enhance patient care through innovative devices and diagnostics, striving for market approval after significant investment in product development. Our goal is to make cutting-edge clinical research solutions more accessible to help accelerate your innovation. This program is designed for emerging MedTech companies with less than 50 employees.

Program Overview

Medidata understands the specific obstacles faced by up-and-coming MedTech firms. Medidata’s commitment is to expedite your journey from product development to market launch through a tailored clinical trial solutions package that fits both your needs and budget.

Streamlined Study Start

Streamlined study-build packages designed to accelerate study start

Tailored Pricing Models

Pricing models aligned with emerging MedTech study and budget requirements

Regulatory Best Practices

Rigorous adherence to best practices in regulatory compliance

Promotional Opportunity

Opportunity for joint promotional activities to enhance market visibility

Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnerships to strengthen your MedTech research

Industry Expertise

Dedicated team of industry veterans and experts

“What we liked about the Medidata platform was the ability for us to better manage our clinical studies with improved oversight and reporting capabilities.”

“We looked for reputation, scalability, and a complete platform approach for all stakeholders, and found that with Medidata eTMF, Rave EDC, and Payments.”

“It’s so important to have experts, Medidata tells me where we might be able to either cut time or create that better user experience for our sites and ourselves.”

– Karis Oasan, A., Director of Clinical Operations

“So valuable to have the kind of experience that Medidata does, and how they apply it. They learn. They continually make things better.”

– Erika Vento Guadens, VP Clinical Operations, Diagnostics

Achieve Clinical, Regulatory, and Long-Term Success with Medidata

With over two decades of continuous digital innovation and leadership, Medidata is a trusted leader in this space. Here’s a snapshot of Medidata’s track record with MedTech companies:


MedTech Trials

We’ve conducted 810+ MedTech Trials


MedTech Sponsors

Collaborated with 195+ distinct MedTech sponsors


MedTech Sites

Supported operations acros 21,300+ MedTech Sites



Served 400,000 participants during their MedTech Trials

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